Gabriel Britt

Name: Gabriel Britt
Died: March 3, 2001
Age at death: 6
Cause of death: Murder (Suffocation)
Location: St. George, South Carolina, USA

Gabriel was six years old when his parents reported him missing. Nine days later, his body was found in a pond near the house and the initial autopsy concluded that Gabriel had drowned. But inconsistencies in the parents' stories began showing up: Gabriel, who was severely autistic, would not have had the ability to steal a key from his father's pocket without being heard, and could not have made his way to the pond quickly enough to avoid the search parties who would have seen him. A second autopsy was conducted and Gabriel was shown to have died of suffocation rather than drowning: Gabriel had been murdered.

Gabriel's father was sentenced to four years in prison. His mother was tried for murder, but her trial ended in a mistrial and she was released, and recovered custody of her two other children.

Gabriel Britt's death now ruled a homicide
Mother, Father charged in death of boy
Judge rules SC no longer has to monitor how Renee Britt cares for her children

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