Brian Kent

Framed picture, held in somoene's hands. The picture is of a young man, light-skinned and brown-haired, wearing a white T-shirt. His expression is neutral.Name: Brian Kent
Died: October 30, 2002
Age at death: 25
Cause of death: Peritonitis from blunt trauma to the abdomen
Location: Waukegan, Illinois, USA

In his early years at home, Brian liked to arrange the furniture into patterns, flip through magazines, and knock on windows. He managed to break a window at one point; his mother found him unhurt, holding a shard of glass. Brian would communicate by taking someone’s hand and leading them to what he wanted. Brian loved soft-serve ice cream.

At age 10, Brian began staying in institutions. A few months before his death, Brian was transferred to a large state-run center for the developmentally disabled. During his 13 weeks there, Brian suffered 57 injuries.

When staff found Brian without breathing or heartbeat, they propped him up in a chair instead of trying CPR. Brian died. It was determined that he died because he was kicked in the stomach, injuring his intestine. No one was ever prosecuted for his death.

In 2010, Brian’s parents campaigned for, and the state of Illinois passed, “Brian’s Law”, which requires that all deaths of people with developmental disabilities or mental illnesses must be investigated by an independent team of experts.

Couple speaks up after their son dies in the state’s care
Brian Kent’s unsolved death in an insitution leads to Brian’s Law

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