Aleksi Toledo

Name: Aleksi Morgan Pressey Toledo, a.k.a., "A.T."
Died: May 13, 2008
Age at death: 4
Cause of death: Malnutrition/dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis
Location: San Bernardino County, California, USA

Aleksi was neglected by his mother, and his father was often away at work. Aleksi had juvenile diabetes. His mother either did not seek medical attention or did not administer treatment that would have helped him. When Aleksi died, his father claimed not to have noticed how thin his son had become, even though at the time of death he had no body fat left and his father had last seen him about two days before that. When she saw A.T. was dead or dying, his mother did not call 911; instead she called her husband to come home. By the time she did call, her son had been dead for at least an hour.

After his death, Aleksi's parents lost custody of his two siblings. His father was not charged, and his mother was charged with child endangerment.

Editor's note: When this case first came to my attention, Aleksi was known only as "A.T.", as he was referred to in court during the custody case for his two siblings. An SSDI records search turned up only one four-year-old boy with those initials who had died on that day in California. Since Aleksi's death would have been reported, it should be on that index, and so it is highly (~99% certain) that A.T.'s real name is indeed Aleksi Toledo. His parents and siblings are still living and so, unlike Aleksi’s, their identities are not a matter of public record.

D.T. v. Superior Court
Death Record

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