Kenneth Pierre-Louis

Kenneth Pierre-LouisName: Kenneth Pierre-Louis
Died: September 12th, 2012
Age at death: 18
Cause of death: Seizure/Heart Attack
Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Kenneth and his twin sister Kelssey were 18 years old. Kenneth was autistic; Kelssey is neurotypical. They planned that when they were adults, Kelssey would provide for Kenneth, to "buy two of everything" so that they could be as close in adulthood as they had been as children. Kelssey even planned a career working with children with disabilities.

They were in senior high school when Kenneth's school bus was late. Their mother called the school and was told Kenneth was on his way home. But when he did come home, he was dead, and the hospital could not revive him. He had had a seizure on the school bus, the school said, and they had called 911 right away.

Nearly two years later, Kenneth's family discovered, upon talking to witnesses, that rather than helping him, the four adults on the bus had ignored Kenneth for ten minutes while he was having an obvious seizure, and still ignored him when he had a heart attack and stopped breathing. Apparently, Kenneth had had a fight with one of the aides on the bus earlier in the ride.

Kenneth's bus was an assisted bus for disabled students; the aides would have known that a seizure that does not end is a medical emergency, and any adult should have known that a teenager who is not breathing needs medical help immediately. However, no one called 911 until it was too late.

Kenneth's family is suing the school. His sister was devastated by her twin’s death and is only starting to sleep well again two years later. She has given up her plans to work with disabled children, which she finds too painful; instead, she is working on a pre-med degree.

Family sues two years after disabled student dies on school bus
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