Adrian Colon

Name: Adrian Colon
Died: April 11, 2013
Age at death: 4
Cause of death: Left alone at home; died in a house fire
Location: West Allis, Wisconsin, USA

Other Victims:
Alexis Colon (Brother)
Age 4; cerebral palsy

Nayeli Colon (Sister)
Age 5; neurotypical

Adrian had three siblings: His big sister Nayeli, his twin brother Alexis, and a baby sibling only a year old. They had come to the attention of children's services before because their mother tended to be careless. Once, the social worker saw their mother and Nayeli pulling into the driveway, just coming back from shopping, and heard a baby crying inside the house. The twins and their baby sibling had been left alone at home. The twins were dirty, and did not seem to be well cared for. Earlier that year, Alexis and Adrian had been left alone in a car and gone wandering around a parking lot, nearly getting hit by a car.

This neglectful parenting style continued until it killed three of the four siblings. Their mother left Nayeli, Adrian, and Alexis home alone, locked into a bedroom they couldn't escape from. A defective light fixture started a fire and burned through the floor just outside that room, so that firefighters could not reach them fast enough to save them. Alexis, Adrian, and Nayeli died from burns and smoke inhalation. Their baby sibling, who had not been home at the time, survived.

Three young children die in West Allis house fire, mother in custody
Mother of victims in fatal West Allis fire faced previous neglect charges
Couple wishes they would have done more for children killed in fire
Find a Grave: Adrian Colon

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