Taariq Cross

Taariq CrossName: Taariq Cross
Died: July 11, 2012
Age at death: 7
Cause of death: Hit by car
Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

Taariq was often left to fend for himself by a mother who simply didn't seem to care about him. At only two years old, Taariq had been found running along a busy road. His mother had a long criminal record including child abuse charges, and Taariq was left to fend for himself, "virtually feral, running around his neighborhood naked". Days before his death, Taariq had nearly been hit by a car and only saved when a person jumped into the street to save him.

Taariq was struck by one car, then run over by another. He died of his injuries. His mother was not there when he died. Taariq's extended family is demanding justice for him.

Innocents lost: Taariq Cross, 7
FHP: Autistic boy run over, killed
Taariq Cross: Family wants answers after autistic boy's tragic death
Petition: Kendrick should face criminal charges for death of Autistic 7yr old son

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