Lucas Braman

Lucas BramanName: Lucas Braman
Died: February 13, 2014
Age at death: 1
Cause of death: Unknown
Location: West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA

Lucas's caretaker blamed his "autistic-like behaviors" on his having been born addicted to painkillers because his mother was taking them after a car accident injured her when she was eight months pregnant. Lucas and his sister Layla were being cared for by his mother's cousin.

"He was always happy, healthy. He was always smiling, hugged everybody," his grandmother says. Lucas liked candy, the Celtics, and playing with their pet chickens.

Lucas was nearly two years old when he died. He was wearing a helmet and wrapped in a weighted blanket that weighed a quarter or more what Lucas weighed. He had stopped breathing and could not be revived. An autopsy could not determine cause of death.

Lucas's mother and four-year-old sister Layla have made allegations of abuse. Lucas and Layla were pinched, bitten, put in cold showers and forced to eat hot sauce, and Layla's arm was broken when their caretaker grabbed and shook her.

When Layla asks where her brother has gone, her mother explains that Lucas is in heaven, "playing on the biggest jungle gym in the world."

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