Jack Ellis

Jack EllisName: Jack Ellis
Died: Died around March 3, 2014; Body discovered March 8, 2014
Age at death: 20
Cause of death: Suicide (Insulin overdose)
Location: Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, UK

Jack Ellis was an enthusiastic rail fan. A college student, he was being bullied online and in person, and nothing was being done about it. Since he was a teen he had been constantly assaulted and harassed because of his sexuality and because he was a rail fan. He had been sexually assaulted on at least one occasion, and only six weeks before his death, he was beaten up. People sent him threatening messages online and assaulted him in person.

Jack had a "team" of people who were supposed to be helping him, and he lived in supported housing. However, when he committed suicide, he lay undiscovered for "up to a week" (according to the coroner's report), and it was only when his mother called paramedics to check on him that he was found.

Vulnerable Asperger's sufferer, 20, killed himself and lay dead in his flat for up to five days after being mercilessly bullied on Facebook, beaten up and sent threatening texts for being gay
Facebook Community: In Memory of Jack Ellis
Bullying in the railway community: R.I.P Jack Ellis 😦
Student victim of bullying died after taking insulin overdose

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