Gordon Longphee

Gordon LongpheeName: Gordon "Gordie" Longphee
Died: May 17, 2014
Age at death: 56
Cause of death: Homicide
Location: Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

From Gordon's memorial page:
Gordie loved listening to music; his favourite hymns were Danny Boy and Out on the Mira. Gordie enjoyed going for drives, having stories read to him and eating his favourite snack, cheezees.

Gordie died when another resident in the institution where he lived pushed him to the ground. His injuries aggravated pre-existing conditions, and he died in the hospital six days later. Although it has been ruled that the other resident was not capable of forming intent and so was not guilty of murder, the institution has a long history of violence.

Family members of other people at the institution are beginning to speak out against the environment that results in a high level of violent incidents–a journalist discovered a rate of twelve within a span of two weeks. People First is also protesting the institution and the institutional environment that made living there nearly unbearable for residents–and fatal for Gordie Longphee.

Memorial: Gordie Longphee
Quest resident Gordon Longphee dies from injuries
No charges in death at Lower Sackville care facility
External body to review Halifax special-care home where resident died: minister
Support organization calls for inquest into violent death of Quest resident
People First (Radio interview)

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