Owen Collins

Photo: A toddler boy with light-blonde hair and fair skin, wearing a gray striped shirt embroidered with the character Mater from Cars.Name: Owen Collins.
Died: January 17, 2015.
Age at death: 3.
Cause of death: Head injury.
Location: Bluffton, Indiana, USA.

Owen and his older brother lived with a mother and stepfather who were known to cook meth. A relative called the police to check on the family of Owen Collins, and when the family admitted that Owen was missing and they hadn’t reported him missing, the police started to worry.

The town turned out to search for little Owen, only three years old. Two days later, the boy’s body was found in a nearby wooded area, badly burned.

Three of Owen’s family members have been charged, two with “abuse of a corpse”, and two with “neglect ending in the death of a dependent”.

In custody, Owen’s caregivers admitted to putting meth in Owen’s and his brother’s bottles. When Owen died, they had put his body in a cardboard box, taken it to the woods, and burned it.

An autopsy proved that Owen had not been poisoned with meth; he had simply been beaten to death.

3 Year Old Owen Collins Missing Since 1/17/15 in Bluffton, IN
Bluffton, IN Police Searching for Missing Boy Owen Collins
Body Of Missing Toddler Found In Woods
Coroner: Cause of death could take up to two weeks
‘We put dope in their bottles and watched them have fun’
Owen Collins’ father reacts to homicide ruling

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