Joshua Klumper

Photo of Josh Klumper, a teenage boy with chin-length brown hair and freckled skin, wearing a yellow polo shirt and smiling for the camera.Name: Joshua William Klumper.
Died: September 16, 2017.
Age at death: 17.
Cause of death: Suicide/Neglect.
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Josh cared deeply about others and had a strong sense of justice. When he saw the troubles of the world, he became stressed and anxious and sometimes had meltdowns. He felt that his respect had to be earned and never obeyed people in authority just because they were in authority, but he was unfailingly kind to others. He liked to discuss philosophy. As a child, he like Minecraft, BMX bicycles and scooters; as a teen he learned car and motorbike mechanics.

Joshua often had to deal with suicidal thoughts and had been to mental health units three times, trying to get help. But instead of getting help, he had been put in the back of a police car, restrained, and locked in seclusion.

Feeling suicidal yet again, Joshua went to the hospital. He was made to wait for four hours, only to be told they “couldn’t fix him” that night. Joshua gave up and left the hospital.

Days later, Joshua committed suicide at the age of 17. Two days before his death, he wrote down his wishes: “Love. Peace. Help the world.”

Grieving mum fighting to change mental health system says ‘loving family is not enough’
Grieving mum wins fight to have coroner look at son’s death
Josh’s Wish: Love, Peace, Help the World
There will be an inquest over Josh’s suicide

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