Gary Dean

Photo of a light-skinned man in a gray flannel shirt; his head is shaved. The photo is taken outdoors.Name: Gary Dean.
Died: September 6, 2018.
Age at death: 48.
Cause of death: Homicide (Shot with an airgun; beaten with a rock).
Location: Barnsley, England, UK.

Gary was an avid marathon runner. Every morning he would run through the woodland near his home, on a trail that happened to pass through his neighbors’ land. He liked running, and he liked trains. He was eccentric, introverted, and harmless. He lived with his wife Caroline, the head of a primary school, and followed the same routine every day. And his neighbors hated him for running on that trail on their land.

Gary was systematically harassed by his neighbors for years. Their house and car were vandalized. His home was invaded and he and his wife physically attacked. Someone sent a letter to his wife’s job at a local school, demanding she was fired because Gary was a “paedo” who was luring children into the woods. Gary and Caroline were followed and threatened. Gary, for reasons of his own, built scarecrows in the woods, though he never retaliated directly.

Gary’s neighbors ambushed him as he ran along the trail one day. They shot him with an air rifle and hit him with rocks and branches as he tried to crawl away. Gary died from his injuries. His body was found by a dog walker.

The killers have been found guilty of murder and imprisoned for life.

Editor’s note: Gary’s experiences are very similar to those of Bijan Ebrahimi, also a disabled introvert with autistic traits who was harassed, beaten, falsely accused, and eventually killed by his neighbors.

Pensioner and her son found guilty of ‘brutal’ murder of man after footpath feud
Footpath feud mum and son ‘brutally’ murdered man
Mother and son convicted of murdering jogger who ran on their land
Mother and son bludgeoned autistic jogger to death for running on their land
Mum and son shot and beat marathon runner to death for jogging on their land
Mum and son jailed for life after murdering runner who crossed onto land

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