Casey Albury

Black and white photo of a teenage girl with fair skin and shaggy hair cut into bangs; her expression looks puzzled.Name: Casey Albury
Died: 1997
Age at death: 17
Cause of death: Murder (Strangulation)
Location: Feilding, New Zealand

Casey was killed by her mother, who initially took her to a bridge in the hopes that Casey would climb onto it and fall off. When Casey refused, she took her daughter into an alley and strangled her.

Casey loved music, cooking, dancing, and art. She liked to paint and composed music. Though she could not hold a conversation, she would talk in the presence of those she trusted. She was subjected to therapy meant to make her “behave normally”, which caused distress for Casey.

Her mother, who said, “She was a misfit… I had wanted to kill her for a long time,” was found guilty of manslaughter and released after five months in jail.

Tragic end to life of beauty and misery
Loved to Death

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