Justin Malphus

Justin MalphusName: Justin Malphus
Died: April 19, 2000
Age at death: 5
Cause of death: Murder (Drowning; head injury)
Location: Savannah, Georgia, USA

Justin's mother was erratic and abusive, taking him to his favorite restaurant one day and punching him the next. From the time he was three years old, Justin was battered by his mother. When she slammed his head into the refrigerator and then tossed him into a swimming pool. Justin was rescued from the pool by his neighbors, and he spent a week in a coma before he died.

Justin's mother claimed he had fallen into the pool, but an autopsy found evidence of long-term physical abuse, and the boy's head injury matched dents in the refrigerator. The assistant district attorney described Justin's mother as "incapable of dealing with [a] special needs child".

Justin's mother was convicted of murder and sentenced to life plus sixty years.

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