Hevin Jenkins

Photo of a fair-skinned, brown haired baby with an orange bottle in their mouth.Name: Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins
Died: December 15, 2005
Age at death: 2
Cause of death: Drowning (?)–Body Not Found
Location: Hurricane, West Virginia, USA

Hevin was staying with his aunt when he “disappeared”: She reported that she had had the boy in her car when it was stolen with him inside it. But when police, who didn’t believe her, asked her for the real story, she admitted that Hevin had had a seizure and died, and she had put him in a garbage bag and thrown him into the Ohio river.

Even this was a lie. When questioned, her boyfriend told police that Hevin’s death hadn’t been natural. His aunt had drowned him because the boy soiled himself.

Hevin’s body has never been found, but he is missing and presumed dead. His aunt was convicted of second-degree murder and her boyfriend of being an accessory after the fact.

Hevin Dakota James Lee Jenkins
Woman charged in her autistic nephew’s death

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