Katherine “Katie” McCarron

Katie McCarronName: Katie McCarron
Died: May 13, 2006
Age at death: 3
Cause of death: Suffocation
Location: Morton, Illinois, USA

Details: Katie was three years old when her mother suffocated her with a plastic bag because she would not take a nap, saying that she did it "to end [Katie's] pain". In photographs, Katie can be seen playing outdoors, smiling broadly. Her grandparents describe her as a happy child.

Katie's autism was used as a defense by her mother, who claimed that she had insufficient support to care for her autistic daughter. However, Katie's mother did not have full-time custody, and had custody of her daughter for only two weeks before she killed Katie. Her grandparents, who had been caring for her before that, have stated that they believe that Katie's death was simply murder, and her autism was merely used as an excuse.

Katie is survived by her younger sister Emily, and by her grandparents. Her mother, a doctor, lost her medical license and was found guilty of murder.

"Katie McCarron", CCDI
"Board Suspends Dr. McCarron's License Indefinitely"
"Grandfather says Murder had nothing to do with Autism"
Katie McCarron, Charles-Antoine Blais, real children, real people.

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