Lakesha Victor

Lakesha VictorName: Lakesha Victor
Died: August 20, 2006
Age at death: 10
Cause of death: Murder (Starved)
Location: Hinckley, Minnesota, USA

At the age of ten, Lakesha weighed fifty pounds. She had a seizure disorder and cerebral palsy as well as autism, and she ate through a feeding tube. Her special education teacher saw that she was skinny, but Lakesha's situation became much worse when the school year ended and she stayed at home with her mother and her mother's boyfriend all day. Her mother even stopped taking her to occupational and physical therapy appointments. And she stopped feeding her enough.

A sibling found Lakesha dead late that summer. She had been starved so badly that she weighed only 31 pounds. Instead of buying food for Lakesha, her mother and her mother's boyfriend stole the money they were supposed to be using to take care of her.

Her mother was sentenced to 32 months in prison.

Mom Starved Disabled Daughter to Death, Say Cops
VERDICT: 10-year-old Starved to Death by Mother & Caregiver

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