Jacob Grabe

Jacob GrabeName: Jacob Grabe
Died: September 11, 2008
Age at death: 13
Cause of death: Murder (Shooting)
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Jacob Grabe, diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, was good at algebra but bad at division and could sense a storm coming several days ahead. His mother attended autism support groups and is described as "understand[ing]" Jacob's autism; Jacob often accompanied her when she went to deliver Avon orders. Jacob was in the eighth grade, where he ran track and field and played the French horn in his school band. He loved animals and had two dogs and a cat.

At age 13, Jacob was shot by his father, who "feared his son would never be able to live a normal life". Just before he shot his son, Jacob's father told his wife, "I had to kill him because you were ruining him."

Autism's terrible toll: Parents risk hitting "a breaking point"
Jacob Allen Grabe

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