Fabian Duque

Name: Fabian Duque
Died: November 9, 2009
Age at death: 16
Cause of death: Gunshot
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Fabian Duque was "the kid everybody in the neighborhood looked out for… He functioned with us, communicated with us, not verbally, but in the way he'd point things out to you and in the way he'd play." Fabian used to blow kisses back and forth with his next-door neighbor.

Fabian's father was a car salesman and his parents were divorced. The family had come to the attention of child and family services in the past because Fabian's father used to hit him with a belt. Separated and with joint custody, Fabian's parents would see him on weekends, while he stayed at a residential treatment center during the week. Fabian's mother was involved in his care, attending meetings and reporting only "minor non-compliance" from Fabian.

During one of his custodial visits, Fabian's father became angry, shot a hole in the floor with a shotgun, then shot Fabian. Later that night, he shot himself. Fabian died at the scene, about two weeks shy of his seventeenth birthday.

Report on the Fatality of Fabian Duque, Jr.
Segundo Duque shot his 16 year old autistic son in the head
Dad shoots and kills 16-year-old disabled son
Two Deaths, One Gun: Father Kills Autistic Son

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