Kaiya Kapahu

Kaiya KapahuName: Kaiya Kapahu
Died: February 18, 2010
Age at death: 5
Cause of death: Starvation
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Kaiya was a smiling girl with a loving family. Kaiya's father worked at a military base in the Marshall islands. He lived on a small island, raising Kaiya and her three siblings, including her twin sister Maile. Kaiya, who had Rett syndrome, needed specialized medical care, but the base didn't have the facilities that Kaiya needed.

So Kaiya was sent to live with an uncle. Her father sent money and called twice a week to check in on his daughter. But gradually, Kaiya's uncle stopped contacting her father as often, and he grew worried. Eventually he decided to get Kaiya and bring her home–but he was too late.

Kaiya had lived with her uncle for about seven months when she was found dead by her grandfather, who had been growing more and more suspicious when Kaiya's uncle would not let him see her. Her uncle had stopped feeding her, refusing nutrition and medication. After Kaiya died, he hid her death, and cashed at least one check from her father.

Hawaii dad trusted his brother, but Kaiya instead was starved
Father of special-needs girl found dead had planned to bring her home
Family, friends still struggling as they say farewell to Kaiya
Find a Grave: Kaiya Kalora Kapahu
GCC student honors the memory of Kaiya Kapahu

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