Joseph Conant and family

Name: Joseph Conant and family
Died: July 7, 2011
Age at death: 11
Cause of death: Murder (Gunshot)
Location: Wheatland, Wyoming, USA

Joseph was loved by his teachers because he was so eager to please, and he loved animals. As a toddler, he used to ride on his grandmother’s guide dog.

Along with two brothers and an uncle, Joseph was shot to death by his father. The three boys and their uncle were good friends and spent a lot of time together. Joseph’s mother was shot twice, but survived.

The three other victims in the mass murder had minor autistic traits, but no diagnosis:

Nacuma Conant, age 33, Joseph’s uncle, was mentally disabled but extremely talented in art. He could draw anything anyone asked him to draw. He liked walking and biking and was working on a post-apocalyptic novel.

Everett Conant, age 18, was a people person who liked fishing, hiking, camping, four-wheeling, quilting, and jigsaw puzzles. He had a passion for learning new things.

Charles, age 13, a serious boy who acted more like a grown man, wanted to be an architect. He had a habit of taking time to process things people said to him. He was the family’s enforcer of fairness.

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