James Thompson

Name: James Thompson
Died: June 12, 2012
Age at death: 42
Cause of death: Abuse, neglect
Location: Bronx, New York City, New York, USA

James Thompson had lived with his grandmother until she had to enter a nursing home. When she did, she entrusted James’s care to his niece. At this time, James was healthy.

But things went downhill fast. During the last year of his life, during which his niece received his social security benefits (and spent more than 90% of the money on things other than caring for James), James lived a hellish life of abuse, neglect, and starvation. During that year, he lost half his body weight, and at his death he had a broken arm and leg which had been left untreated.

Eventually his niece called 911, saying that James was not responsive, and paramedics found him dead. The medical examiner ruled that James had died of starvation and medical neglect.

Niece Accused of Starving Autistic Uncle Worked as Home Health Aide
Prosecutors: Woman let uncle starve
Inmate Lookup » NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
Niece Charged in Death of Autistic Uncle Who Weighed 70 Pounds
Woman Accused of Starving Autistic Uncle to Death, Bronx DA Charges
Bronx Woman Held in the Death of Her Uncle

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