Erin Crabtree

Photo of Erin Crabtree, a teenage girl with pale skin and dark brown hair, wearing a hoodie.Name: Erin Crabtree.
Died: September 4, 2012.
Age at death: 18.
Cause of death: Murder (Oxycodone poisoning).
Location: Maudsland, Queensland, Australia.

Erin was a quiet, introverted girl diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Her mother claimed she had gotten Asperger’s “from a needle”.

Erin, her brother Jonathan, and her sister were all disabled. They were abused by their mother, who repeatedly sedated them with prescription drugs. This probably made their disabilities much more severe than they would otherwise have been.

Erin was fatally poisoned with codeine by her mother, who pretended it had been a suicide and collected insurance money. Five years later, she would kill Erin’s brother Jonathan with a codeine overdose, forge a suicide note, and claim Jonathan had also killed himself.

When the police discovered the murder and Erin’s mother was finally arrested, Erin’s sister, who was still in her mother’s custody, was found in bad shape from having been repeatedly dosed with sedatives. She had to be hospitalized, but eventually recovered and is now in government custody.

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Jonathan Crabtree tried to call best mate an hour before his death
Australian mother arrested for the alleged murder of her two disabled children
Gold Coast mother killed two adult children for financial gain, police allege
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Australian mum ‘poisoned, killed disabled children for financial gain’, police claim
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Australian woman kills two ‘disabled’ adult children for financial gains
Mum partied as Erin died alone
Father of murdered siblings tried to have his son put in care
The missing Sprite cup in the police case against an accused double murderer

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