Terry “JuJu” Smith

Terry SmithName: Terry "JuJu" Smith
Died: July 5-6, 2013 (Exact day unknown)
Age at death: 11
Cause of death: Murder (Cause of death is under investigation)
Location: Menifee, California, USA

Terry Smith loved picnics. His favorite color was blue. After a divorce and custody battle, he lived with his mother, mother's partner, half-sister, and half-brother.

Terry may have been autistic; his mother says he was, but his father says he was not, that he had ADHD instead. Autistic or not, Terry was vulnerable. When he disappeared, a search found his body buried in the backyard of their home. Terry's sixteen-year-old half-brother, who was known to have anger issues and had made Facebook posts including ablist slurs aimed at Terry, has been arrested in connection with the case.

Ironically, Terry's mother has also been accused–not by police, but by the public. She has received death threats by people who believe she is the murderer, even though she was investigated by police and is not a suspect.

Terry Smith Murder
Terry Smith Jr. – The strange, sad story of a murdered 11 year old boy in Menifee, California
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