Robert Guinyard, Jr.

Robert GuinyardName: Robert Guinyard, Jr.
Died: July 1, 2013
Age at death: 4
Cause of death: Beaten to death
Location: Richland County, South Carolina, USA

Robert's life had been difficult for some time before he died. His family had been under investigation by child protective services and Robert had spent some time with a foster family, but at three years old he was returned to his parents.

Robert's relatives knew he was being abused and they tried to save him. Several relatives called to report abuse. They had seen Robert's injuries and saw him scrounging for food from the trash. An aunt offered to let Robert stay with her. Nothing was done.

When Robert's parents reported that they had found Robert unconscious, paramedics came to the house and found Robert dead. He had been beaten to death with a curtain rod.

Robert's parents had abused him severely. His autopsy showed multiple bone fractures, some half-healed, and he had been starved and burned. Robert had been beaten so severely and so often that he had bled out internally.

Robert's parents were sentenced to life in prison.

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