Ahziya Osceola

Name: Ahziya Osceola
Died: March 19, 2015 (Body found)
Age at death: 3
Cause of death: Murder (Beaten)
Location: Hollywood, California, USA

Ahziya lived with his father, stepmother, older brother, and younger sister. During his short life, he had been the subject of four reports of abuse, and both parents had criminal records. Somewhere along the way, he was diagnosed with autism, and when he walked by himself to a nearby elementary school, it was blamed on wandering even though his mother did not report him missing for three hours.

Ahziya's stepmother beat him to death over the course of weeks or months. For at least three weeks, the three-year-old had been trying to walk on a broken leg, and he was covered in bruises. The fatal injury was a blow to the stomach that severely damaged his liver and pancreas. When Ahziya was dead, she wrapped him in garbage bags, stuffed him behind the washing machine, and reported him missing. But police found Ahziya's body, and her story unraveled.

Ahziya's stepmother was charged with aggravated manslaughter, child neglect, and providing false information to law enforcement. His father is charged with child neglect.

Massive Search In Hollywood For Missing 3-Year-Old Child
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Behind smiles, a Florida child’s short, troubled life
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Stepmother of Dead South Florida Boy Held on on $230,000 Bond

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