Elhassan and Abdelkarim Elmezayen

Name: Elhassan Elmezayen.
Age at death: 13.

Name: Abdelkarim Elmezayen.
Age at death: 8.

Died: April 9, 2015.
Cause of death: Drowning.
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.

Elhassan and Abdelkarim’s father took out life insurance policies on them; then he put them and his wife in the car and drove off a bridge. Their father easily swam to safety through a window he had left open for the purpose; their mother was rescued by a fisherman. But the boys, who could not swim and were strapped into their child seats, went down with the car. Elhassan died shortly after being transported to the hospital; Abdelkarim died the next day.

The family were immigrants from Egypt. A third brother, also autistic, was not in the car that day and survived.

Their father was convicted of murder as well as mail fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft. He was sentenced to 212 years in prison.

California Man Sentenced To 212 Years In Prison For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Of Two Autistic Sons To Claim Life Insurance
Man convicted of intentionally drowning his 2 autistic children to collect insurance money
Man Found Guilty of Killing His Disabled Sons by Driving Off Port of L.A. Dock to Collect Life Insurance
Dad Accused of Drowning His 2 Boys With Severe Autism for Insurance Money Cries in Court
Man charged with fraud after driving off pier, killing sons
A man drove his severely autistic kids off a pier to their death. Prosecutors say he did it for the insurance money.
Father ‘drowned autistic sons to claim insurance money’
‘Dad’ took hefty life insurance policy on two autistic children before allegedly driving them to their drowning deaths: Prosecutors
Man Charged Alleging Scheme to Collect Insurance Proceeds by Intentionally Killing His Two Autistic Children
1 dead, 3 injured after car plunges into water at Port of Los Angeles

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