Coco Bradford

Bradford, CocoName: Coco Bradford.
Died: July 31, 2017.
Age at death: 6.
Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Died of sepsis while hospitalized; delay in administering rehydration and antibiotics; hospital staff blamed her death on “non-compliance”).
Location: Truro, England, UK.

Coco was a girl who loved learning and had been mainstreamed at school. She liked going to the beach, swimming, and eating chocolate. She listened to music all the time, especially Justin Bieber and Little Mix.

She stopped speaking at age two, but when she was five years old, she asked her parents, “I want more toast, please,” and started talking. She had problems pronouncing words, though, so when she said I love you, it sounded like “Ruff you.”

Coco had caught a stomach virus. She was vomiting and unable to keep fluids down when her parents called an ambulance. That day, the hospital sent her home, but the next day she was back, clinically dehydrated and in shock.

Because Coco was autistic, the hospital labeled her “non-compliant” and did not administer treatments she needed.

They did not treat her dehydration or shock sufficiently, and they did not take her blood pressure until she had been at the hospital for 36 hours. When the hospital finally figured out that she had developed sepsis–a blood infection–they delayed administering antibiotics.

Coco died from sepsis. Her last words to her mother were, “I love you.”

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