Hiroki Naito

Name: Hiroki Naito.
Died: November 26, 2018.
Age at death: 36.
Cause of death: Asphyxia.
Location: Ono, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Other victim: Kyoko Naito, age 69; had diabetes and was bedbound.

Hiroki’s father is suspected of killing him and his mother Kyoko by strangling them with a necktie.

Hiroki’s sister, who has a mild disability herself, was not attacked and survived the incident. His father was arrested.

Editor’s note: Hiroki may not have been autistic. He is described in the article as a “hikikomori”, or shut-in, someone who reacts to the stresses of everyday life by withdrawing to their room or their house. This phenomenon, primarily Japanese, is known to be associated with autism, especially mild autism in people who have been trying to function like neurotypicals. However, it also affects people with depression, social anxiety, and other mental illnesses.

Man arrested for killing bedridden wife, ‘hikikomori’ son
Gifu: Man strangles bedridden wife and shut-in son

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