Mark Stuart

Photo of a young man wearing a striped shirt; he has light skin, sandy brown hair and a short beard and mustache. His expression is serious. Hospital equipment can be seen in the background.Name: Mark Stuart.
Died: November 13, 2015.
Age at death: 22.
Cause of death: Intestinal rupture.
Location: Blackburn, England, UK.

Mark loved swimming in open water. He lived in Kendal, which had many lakes nearby, and he had swum all of them. His favorite TV show was “Coronation Street”; He had the episodes recorded and watched them repeatedly. At 22, he was a 6’7″ giant who was living with his parents and beginning to make his first friends.

He was so detail-oriented and had such a good memory that his family never needed a GPS system when they went on vacation because he knew the national highway network by heart.

Mark developed digestive problems and began to lose weight rapidly–a third of his body weight in his last six months. When his bowel became blocked and he was in severe pain, his parents took him to the hospital.

The hospital neglected Mark. For five days, he lay in severe pain, starving because the hospital would not give him any IV nutrition, and dehydrating because they did not give him enough fluid. They promised surgery, and then delayed it. When Mark told nurses that his pain was even worse than it had ever been before, they refused to insert a tube to drain his stomach and relieve the pain. Later that day, Mark’s bowel ruptured.

A new doctor arrived and saw Mark was dehydrated, and rehydrated him too quickly, making things even worse. Mark was in crisis by the time doctors finally decided to take him in to surgery; when they administered the anesthetic, his heart stopped and he could not be resuscitated.

Mark’s family scattered his ashes at his favorite swimming spot.

Investigation into death of autistic man at Royal Blackburn Hospital to be reviewed
Our Son’s Final Days

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