Stanley “TC” Edwards

Photo: A man with brown skin, wearing a black hat; his hair is in long dreadlocks. He is looking off to one side, his expression neutral.Name: Stanley “TC” Edwards
Died: December 7, 2014
Age at death: 40
Cause of death: Gunshot (Homicide)
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

TC loved rock music. He was a singer in his own band, performing at bars when he wasn’t doing his day job as a dishwasher at a pizza place.

TC was the kind of person everybody knew and everybody loved. Sometimes he was quiet, saying very little; but when he got on the stage, TC became an engaging, outgoing performer. He used to sit in the bar and guess people’s shoe sizes, something he could do with surprising accuracy.

TC always dressed in black. A friend called him “the unofficial spiritual advisor for the entire Little Rock punk scene”. His band performed “experi-metal” music; TC’s singing was wild, loud, sometimes unintelligible, and always over-the-top energetic.

TC had long been the target of bullies who would do things like take his cell phone and demand money to give it back; he had been harassed, stalked, and had his home broken into.

TC was found dead of a gunshot wound and it was deduced that he must have been forced into a car and been driven to the abandoned building where his body was found. There is a $6000 reward for information leading to his killer’s conviction, most of it raised by TC’s friends.

A friend posted on TC’s facebook page, “I keep trying to be sad but every time I think about TC today I smile. Guess TC had that effect on everyone.”

5 years after TC Edwards was killed, his best friend still fights for justice
Community mourning death of local rock musician
Homicide victim identified as TC Edwards, local musician
Little Rock bar & music scene remembering reported murder victim
Death of a Rock Star
$6000 Reward
Justice for T.C.

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