Sze-ming Chan

Name: Sze-ming Chan
Died: September 5, 2015
Age at death: 10
Cause of death: Murder (Fed rat poison)
Location: Hong Kong, China

Sze-ming Chan attended a special-education public school. He had a little brother, Sze-ho, and he lived with his father. His father owned a factory, but had lost a lot of money after he let a dishonest relative run it and had to close the factory.

Sze-ming's father poisoned him by feeding him a lethal dose of rat poison. He tried to kill his little brother, who survived the poison; but about five or six days later, with Sze-ming's body still in the apartment, his father killed himself and Sze-ming’s eight-year-old brother Sze-ho by filling the apartment with charcoal smoke.

When Sze-ming failed to show up for classes on the first day of school and his father could not be contacted, the school called his aunt. She had a locksmith open the door and found the whole family dead.

Hong Kong father who killed his sons in murder-suicide ‘saw his fortune disappear after inviting dishonest relative to run his business’
Triple murder-suicide: Hong Kong father took son for breakfast before returning to flat to burn charcoal

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